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5 Proven Strategies to Attract High-End Clients

Elevate Your Thinking

Imagine you are standing at the edge. Ahead lies unknown territory, hosting infinite possibilities. Capturing that potential not only requires a plan, but proven strategies that guarantee success. Growing your client base means elevating those strategies. Attract high-end clients by reaching them at their level.

5 Proven Strategies to Attract High-End Clients

When you are attracting your right-fit clients, you are able to build and grow faster, with more leverage. When our business started growing, I had to create the right program to attract our high-end clients. I use the same model with my own clients, and I tell them all the time that if you want something, create it. So, if you want high-end clients, create the programs and products that will draw them in.  When you do that, it will elevate your business to the next level. In this blog, I’ve listed a few insights that will help you attract your high-end clients.

A Common Misconception

“Build it, and they will come.”

Attracting high-end clients does not just happen, and it certainly does not happen overnight. From my experience, the foundation of your business will remain the same. The basics of marketing what you have to offer will remain constant. And yet, the building blocks within your strategic business plan will look slightly different. Propelling yourself and your business to its highest potential means a revised perspective and adapted set of strategies.

A certain amount of faith is required.  However, the risk is worth the end-game.  You are an entrepreneur; this is not something new.  Initiative, creativity, adaptation, and resiliency – they are all required to build a business that attracts high-end clients.  Here are 5 strategies to help you accomplish that.

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The Formula

“The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.” John D. Rockefeller

Take a look at what’s behind the formula with me and you will see a common thread. Inviting right-fit clients into your inner circle requires a combination of key elements. If you take the time to reflect on your business plan, it will empower you put to yourself in front of and capture a high-end audience. Choose to set yourself up for success, so you can touch your ideal clientele. You will be left with a unique approach that will widen your horizons. The result? You will grow your reach by doing things uncommonly well. It is your turn to put these 5 proven marketing strategies to work!

Like for Like – Apples to Apples

Create a high-end offering for your high-end client. This does not mean repackaging your low-end product. Take a step back from that budget-friendly offering. That does not mean that cost-effective is not valuable. What I am saying is that price equals quality to the right-fit client that we are after. We all have to learn that expertise does not equate to cheap, and it should not, for a high-end audience. It is time for you ask yourself the question – what makes your product or service worth it for this target client?

Remember, it is common to talk about quality customer service, but it is uncommon to quantify what that amazing customer experience actual means. Clearly outline what this added value is. What is it that you are offering that goes above and beyond? The answer to that question is what will go the distance!

The high-end clients of your dreams are leaders in their industry, at the center of their own spheres of influence. Meet them at their elevated level. Find a way to deliver true responsiveness and follow up – what they need when they need it. Remove the guess work by showing, not just telling them, how the value and communication of your product or service will be consistent, effective, and timely from the get-go.

Lay the groundwork for trust and credibility in the relationship that you are forging. Remove the obstacles at the start for later closing the deal. Ultimately, your target audience wants to understand what they will walk away with. I can tell you from my own business what that looks like – credible information like testimonials, networking opportunities, endorsements, media, and industry data that builds you up in their eyes.

Take Aim to Attract High-End Clients

Pinpoint your target and communicate effectively through targeted language. Not all communication is the right fit for every client. Segment your prospect list to make sure that the right-fit clients you are targeting are receiving the appropriate attention. Realize that their needs are different and direct scripting that will specifically address their concerns. Speak to them. Think from a different vantage point and within a larger framework – what circumstances and relatable situations define a high-end clients’ problems or opportunities?

Changing your mindset to target the specifics of high level clientele will encourage people to place faith in your product and services. The key to success when drafting this language is to focus on what will best serve the client in reaching their goals. It is in the semantics, the meaning of what you say. The audience you are targeting desires content that is full of information, filled to the brim with descriptions of your services, testaments to your results, and pieces showing your expertise. Doing so will allow you and your business to shine.

Describing the features alone will not do the job when convincing this audience of your value. How will a high-end client feel as a result of using your product or services? That is the ticket! Describe in precise and poignant language how they will profit, both intrinsically through experience and extrinsically with proven results. The reward should shine inside out! This is what I teach in my business and to my valued clients, because it works.

Provide an Experience

Give a behind-the-scenes peek into what high-end clients experience from your product. What will you give them access to? Trust me, are not giving away your services for free. The concept here is to give them a taste for what they will feel with you.

Place a consistent message in front your target audience, whether it is through a weekly blog or online newsletter. Establish yourself as a source for what they desire – knowledge that will empower. Guide your ideal client to the tipping point. These content-rich offerings will leave them at your doorstep, on the edge of making a decision. You, your product, your services will be worth it!

Remember the picture that I painted at the beginning, standing at the edge of a cliff? Let’s go back for a moment. Now that you have laid a foundation with that right-fit client, they are ready to make a decision to choose you! At the tipping point, it is important to keep in mind that little things can make a big difference. Oftentimes, it is a disproportionate difference.

Do not hesitate. Present the best of what you have to offer, your best resources, through a webinar for example. The idea is to provide a sample package for the full experience that your high-end client will enjoy. Gift them with insight into how you deliver, translate, and answer to your own programs. The experience will be invaluable!

Step Behind the Velvet Rope

Exclusivity is a powerful and empowering ingredient. Infuse a special quality into the look and feel of what you are offering to your high-end clients. These clients at the top are uncommon, not common. Help them feel that way!

There are only so many seats and access is not unlimited. Do not sell yourself short. Reserving a limited number of slots for high-end clients is a decision that guarantees you the value that you deserve. They desire one-on-one access to your knowledge – your gift is a privilege. Don’t forget that you have to match this idea with a level of respect. Not all clients are right-fit clients, nor do they want to be. You have to choose each other for it to be beneficial.

To create an exclusive look and feel requires a process that selects prospects that meet your highest objectives. That way, it’s a win-win! Place stepping stones in front of your pool of candidates, and see which clients will not only put in the work to participate but apply what you can teach them. There is beauty in a relationship base on reciprocity. It will help you and your high-end client reach your highest potentials. Not everyone can walk the red carpet with you!

When you raise the bar, remember that this applies to you too. You, as a business owner, must also up the ante by adding perceived value to what you have to offer. I am a firm believer that my clients motivate me to be my best and deliver the best through my programs and services. In my experience, the whole package for your right-fit client is like a library – you need the books as well as the bookends.

In order to successfully package an exclusive offering, the first bookend needs to be a bonus that removes an obstacle, opening the door to attract a high-end client to use your services. The knowledge and substance, or books that you place between the bookends, is your core product. Come full circle by adding a second bookend and bound together what you have to offer with an unexpected bonus. Feel good offering something that is sure to boost the results for the client of your dreams and show gratitude for their commitment to your program.

Choose your Partners to Choose Your Audience

This is something that I have cultivated and it has proven to be essential. Surround yourself with strategic partners whose high-end clients are your ideal clients. There is value in association. Attracting and capturing leads is a delicate process. Do not get discouraged!

So much of the time, it can be equally as difficult and take just as much time to win over clients for your lower-end products and services as the right-fit clients. You need a team and a customer relationship management (CRM) system behind you to score the results! Position yourself as an expert, align yourself with an abundant network, and target your ideal audience. High-end clients are looking to acquire what you have – authority and success in the industry. And, it just so happens that it is a rewarding and empowering place to be!

The goal, at the end of the day, is to develop strong, authentic relationships. Premium partners will come. Practice authenticity in all of your relationships from your team to your network to your clients. In today’s world, your authentic self is what your ideal clientele desires most! Be yourself and showcase what you have to offer. I guarantee you that the passion will sells itself.

The Benefits of CEO Coaching Services

Now that you know how to attract more high-end clients, let’s go over the benefits of CEO coaching services. Also known as executive coaching, CEO coaching services are intended to help CEOs and other leaders get the most out of their business each and every day. Just like athletes and performers use coaching to help them do their best work on the field or on the stage, CEO coaching services are highly beneficial and can have an outsized impact on business growth and the bottom line because you will acquire high end clients.

  1. Self-awareness. One of the biggest benefits of CEO coaching services is an increase in self-awareness, which can help encourage business growth in a variety of ways. Once the challenges are realized, bad decisions can be curtailed at the source, and that means making better and more strategic decisions that are governed by true self-awareness and a rejection of emotional and rushed decision-making.
  2. Self-regulation. While self-awareness can help you be present and more aware in different situations, CEO coaching services can also assist in regulating your decisions and helping you stay calm in the face of adversity and other challenges. Instead of feeling uncomfortable or in-doubt about a given decision, coaching allows you to separate your feelings from the difficult decisions that have to be made.
  3. Empathy. CEO coaching services aren’t intended to turn you into some unfeeling robot with no sense of the repercussions of your decisions. In fact, empathy is one of the biggest benefits of executive coaching services, and that means having a greater understanding for the decisions that others make and what compels them to act or speak up. It can greatly help you in your important relationships at work.
  4. Increased motivation. It goes without saying that CEOs and entrepreneurs are a highly motivated bunch. As the years go by, motivation can wane, and CEO coaching services are a great way to get back on top and in charge of your company and its initiatives. When you start to see more success, you’ll be even more motivated to push the envelope and get more done.
  5. Better leadership. The most important benefit of CEO coaching services is better leadership abilities. When you’re more in tune with yourself and others, you’ll be better able to lead and get more out of your resources than you ever thought possible. At the end of the day, leadership is about solving problems, and with the tools provided by CEO coaching services, you’ll be able to up your game while improving your company itself.

If you’re interested in improving your business, we can help with CEO coaching services that are designed to help you attract high end clients. Get started today!

The Bottom Line

Now that I have laid out the steps for you, remember the takeaway. We are doing business in a bigger world. What does that mean? Think bigger! Getting started is the hardest part. If you need a place to start from, think first to what a high-end client would look like to you, and then outline your approach. Who is your ideal consumer? To reach that high-end audience, work backwards to determine your needs. Ask yourself:

What are their demographics and psychographics?

Consider: age, gender, income, location, industry, and emotional buying triggers

How many people and what resources will you need to reach them?

Think: Develop a business system, team, and practices to match your right-fit client.

I promise that the answers will guide you on your journey to your ideal clients. Placing yourself in front of the right audience will grow your business exponentially. It’s your time, so remove the obstacles in front of you and position yourself to develop an inner circle of high-end clients.

Put yourself on the path to climb that next peak; getting to the top will not only elevate your thinking, but take your business to the next level. The opportunity is in front of you, so grab a hold and attract high-end clients!

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