How to Find the Motivation to Sell: 7 Selling Techniques for Small Business Owners

Do you have the motivation to sell?

Picture Perfect: After a full night’s sleep, you jump out of bed rested and energized.  You tackle a day filled with calls to current and potential clients with ease.  Everyone leaves empowered.  You exceed your goal for sales.  Selling yourself comes effortlessly.  Too perfect, right?  What happens on those days, weeks, months that you can’t find the motivation to sell (when you don’t want to)?


How To Find The Motivation To Sell: 7 Selling Techniques For Small Business Owners


As small business owner, your ability to sell yourself is everything.  It’s the key to your dreams of exponential success and 6 plus figures.  Don’t go looking for motivation to sell in all the wrong places.  The search is over.  You deserve to sell yourself and do it well.  As a highly successful business coach in Orange County, I can help. Here are my 7 selling techniques for small business owners that are guaranteed to produce results.


Excavating Your Motivation

Your motivation is not escaping you and it is not hiding.  You just have to find it within yourself.  It’s time to excavate, uncover and recover it by digging deeper.  What I will teach you today is how to find the motivation to sell (when you don’t want to), unearth your center and find your innermost motivation to sell yourself with ease.

Excavating your motivation to sell is two-fold: 1) Determining your motive or reason for selling; 2) Defining your method or selling techniques to sell yourself successfully.  Just like the thousands of entrepreneurs like you, I plan to help you find your motivation to sell, align it with your passion and refine with your methods.  The answer is with proven selling techniques for small business owners.


How To Find The Motivation To Sell: 7 Selling Techniques For Small Business Owners


3 Don’t’s – When Finding the Motivation to Sell

Take a lesson from an innovator.  As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t – you’re right.”  As an industry leader he knew the truth.  And, so should you if you want to walk the walk and step into the shoes of a changemaker.  Motivation to sell first starts with you thinking you can, and in doing so you define your ability to succeed.  Selling yourself is one thing.  Motivating yourself to do it is another.  Let’s talk about 3 don’ts when finding the motivation to sell as a small business owner.

Selling Yourself Short, rather than Selling Yourself Big. 

What you think of yourself is your reality.  When finding the motivation to sell, the big thinkers, the changemakers do not think of themselves as small.  They prove their unlimited potential to themselves. Turn it around and turn this self-fulfilling prophecy on its head.  Never sell yourself short!

Welcoming Regret, rather than Letting Go.  

Let go of regret, instead of living up to other people’s expectations of you.  If you never set the bar high with your own expectations, you will never live to the fullest or achieve your own dreams.  You are the only limiting yourself when motivating yourself to sell.  Get your of your own away and say goodbye to regret.

Extinguishing Creativity, rather than Stoking the Fire. 

As a small business owner, you should stand out!  Find the motivation to sell by focusing on what drives you.  Entrepreneurship calls for creativity and innovation.  That is what sets you apart.  Feed the fire and inspire your creativity with the peace of mind that you are unlocking your vision.


How To Find The Motivation To Sell: 7 Selling Techniques For Small Business Owners


4 Do’s – When Motivating Yourself to Sell

The truth is that there is no one right motivation and no one right method.  It is a combination of selling techniques for small business owners that cultivate your ability to sell yourself and sell your business.  Your motivation could be whatever gets you up in the morning, whatever challenges you to prove yourself or pushes you to innovate something new.  The possibilities are endless.  The point is that “life is a garden – dig it” (Joe Dirt).  Or, better yet, “we must cultivate our own garden” (Voltaire).  Rags to riches, philosophy to enlightenment, it is all the same.  As an entrepreneur, here are the 4 do’s when motivating yourself to sell as a small business owner.

 Align.  Align yourself with the leaders, the doers. 

The best place to start when motivating yourself to sell is to surround yourself with the people who do it best. Find  a chief executive network. The number one selling technique for smaller business owners is to become a part of the community that accomplishes the success that your seek.  These leading entrepreneurs know how to get it done, do it well and sell themselves with ease.

If you are wondering how to find your motivation to sell (when you don’t want to), get out from behind your desk, break through past barriers of your computer screen and make the effort to cultivate a community.  Investing ample time with your network allows you to not only actually get to know people, but learn from them.  There is no better way to learn than from a colleague, mentor or coach.  See how it sounds, looks and feels to walk the walk!

 Listen.  Another perfect example of the 80/20 rule.

Successful people do 80% of the listening and only 20% of the talking.  An eye-opening selling technique for small business owners – to listen.  This will shift your perspective on what it is to sell and how to find the motivation to sell (when you don’t want to).  What you put out into the universe and offer to other people (like your clients) is what you will receive back ten-fold.

The most successful small business owners, let alone entrepreneurs, don’t actually think about selling.  When motivating yourself to sell, focus on serving the needs of your community.  And, the sales take care of themselves.  Invest yourself in the act of listening.

When Motivating Yourself to Sell Part 2: Put in the work.  And that means motivating yourself to listen, sell and accomplish a full, honest day’s work.  It is not about the clock.  It is about getting the job done, setting yourself up to reach your goals and take care of your clients.  You will be glad you did!

Care.  And, I mean genuinely care.

Get personal.  Who are you serving?  As a small business owner, motivating yourself to sell goes hand-in-hand with caring for your clients.  The details are important.  The name, the face, what’s important to them.  If you think outside the box, you will see your clients as people and better serve their needs.  There is no better way to find your motivation to sell (even when you don’t want to).

Be proactive.  Oftentimes, if not always, small business owner means top salesperson.  That also means that you must use proven techniques for small business owners.  Call without an agenda.  Call when you anticipate they may need a helping hand, more training or a friendly check-in.  Sound familiar?  Treat yourself as you want to be treated!

Build.  Build it, and they (the sales) will come.

Build relationships.  The rest will fall into place.  Motivation to sell, selling techniques for small business owners, success will all come.  From your clients to your business or community partners to your potential clients, relationships are your foundation.  Build your foundation strong.

The last and most imperative selling technique for small business owners is to cultivate relationships.  Relationships built on trust make selling simple.  And, those relationships multiple.  Success finds good company in exponentially growing relationships and exponentially growing sales.

When you sell to a small business, one sale leads to another.  Need to find the motivation to sell (when you don’t want to)?  Seize the opportunity that relationships in creating referral leads and additional sales.  Carpe diem!

Motivation to Sell = Expectation to Succeed

It’s time to experience a massive shift in your perspective.  You are destined to succeed, leading a life and business that you love, if you only choose to you change your way of thinking.  How to find the motivation to sell is synonymous with how to find the motivation not to sell yourself short.  If you give as much as you want to receive, your universe will respond.  Your ability to sell yourself effortlessly will expand to match your expectations.

“The Universe has NO Restrictions. You Place restrictions ON the Universe with your Expectations.” Deepak Chopra

Put these 7 selling techniques for small business owners to work.  I live them every day, and I guarantee that you will see results.  There is no ceiling and no limit to you success.  Breakthrough and thrive!

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