Beyonce’s CEO Skills & Business Secrets to Grow Your Own Business Empire!

When it comes to classy, savvy, beautiful, talented female entrepreneurs, it doesn’t get much better than Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, otherwise known as Beyoncé. In addition to being number 4 on the FORBES Celebrity 100 list, Beyoncé is a charismatic role model for children, women, and minorities all across the world. But you already know that,…

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How Use Webinars to Connect With Your Customers

Small business owners need to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customers. With social media taking the world by storm, some owners have forgotten about the webinar. This is unfortunate. Webinars are one of the lowest cost content marketing tools to build authority, connect with audiences and receive real-time feedback. I’m a big fan of…

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How to Use Your LinkedIn Account to Bring In Extra Money

Think LinkedIn is just for connections? Think again. The popular social network has many opportunities for monetization, especially for people who already have an established business or brand. If you haven’t tried any of these LinkedIn techniques, you may actually be leaving money on the table. It’s time to update your profile, flesh out your…

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