What are the 7 Graces of Marketing and Life?

I am honored to share a sneak peek into author Lynn Serafinn’s new paradigm. I met Lynn on Twitter a few years ago and it literally changed both of our lives. She launched my book, Blast Off to No. 1 and it inspired her to build Spirit Authors, the most comprehensive resource for spiritual authors around the world. Then Lynn joined my year-long mastermind program, The Pinnacle Mastery Club and made the trek from England to San Diego to mastermind her brilliant business ideas with us. Now I am proud to be a part of her upcoming tele-summit for her incredible new book, The 7 Graces of Marketing.
My friend and colleague, Lynn Serafinn, has just published her new book The 7 Graces of Marketing: how to heal humanity and the planet by changing the way we sell. The ideas she presents in this 400+ page book are a call to action, not only to business owners and marketers but to everyone one of us as a consumer. I’m very excited about her book, and about her new paradigm “The 7 Graces of Marketing”. Today, I asked Lynn to give us a short overview of “The 7 Graces”, and how they pertain not only to business and marketing but also to life in general. This will be a whirlwind tour of these ideas (after all, the book is over 400 pages long), but I think you will get a taste for what they’re about, and hopefully think of ways to apply them in your own business and life.
Lynn’s sneak peek into the 7 Graces paradigm:
Grace #1: Connection
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Disconnection”. A connection is at the foundation of everything in life—Connection to Self, Source, others, our businesses, and our audience—determine how effectively and authentically we communicate and conduct our lives. When business owners are disconnected from Self, their businesses cannot be genuine representations of who they are. And the problem is, as businesses get bigger and bigger, that Connection becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. When business owners are not connected to Source and others, it opens to door to exploitation of both natural resources and people. Connection is the first of the 7 Graces, because without it the other Graces cannot manifest.
Grace #2: Inspiration
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Persuasion”. The literal meaning of the word “Inspiration” means “to breathe life into”. As business owners, we have a choice to be “life-giving” to our audience or “life robbing”. Persuasion, wherein we will do anything
and everything to make a sale/profit is life robbing. As business owners, it is our responsibility to “feed” society, and thus ensure not only that our products and services are life-giving, but also that our communications (marketing) is life-giving. For marketing to be filled with the “Grace of Inspiration”, it should never incite fear, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy.
Grace #3: Invitation
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Invasion”. Nearly every form of marketing we see today is invasive. Our attention span is continually interrupted, whether it is through television/radio adverts, pop up messages, uninvited email adverts, cold-calling
or billboards. As business owners and marketers, we need to bring back the “Grace of Invitation” into our communications. This means that when visitors come into our “space” (our website, our office/shop), we treat them like respected guests, offering them
hospitality and generosity. Conversely, when we come into our customers’ space (as when we send out emails), we must do so with courtesy and care, ensuring we never become the dreaded “house guest from hell”.
Grace #4: Directness
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Distraction”. So much modern advertising depends upon Distraction to seize and maintain our attention. Nearly every advert you see will utilize random brand identity triggers and humor to get us to pay attention.  What is wrong with this is that people end up buying products simply because they remember the advert, and not necessarily because they have been given direct, clear information about the product or service. Directness is simple: we marketers need to get back to “telling it like it is” instead of hyping up our businesses. The public needs to be
informed and empowered. The Grace of Directness allows that to happen.
Grace #5: Transparency
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Deception”. Deception in marketing is rife but is sometimes extremely subtle. In the book, I give many examples of how language and imagery are often used in a deceptive way in marketing, where technically (and legally) the message is “true”, but the unconscious message we perceive is untrue. Transparency literally means “to shine light through”. When we are Transparent in marketing and in life, we are not merely being honest, but we are also allowing the true intention behind our thoughts, words, and deeds to be seen and heard clearly. When we walk in Transparency, both in business and in life, we are walking in the Essence of who we really are.
Grace #6: Abundance
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Scarcity”. The chapter on Scarcity in the book is one of the biggest because it’s simply such a massive topic. Scarcity marketing is all around us, and it appears in so many forms, from limited-time offers to the various kinds of “obsolescence” used to incite us to buy beyond our needs or means. Abundance, on the other hand, is the fundamental belief that there is enough for all—when we are living in rhythm with the planet. It is our natural state of being. If we operate our business from the fundamental belief in lack or Scarcity, we will always bring Scarcity strategies into our marketing. The irony is that Scarcity begets Scarcity. In other words, if we operate from a Scarcity mentality, we are likely to create the very Scarcity we most fear because the end result will be over-consumption. Over-consumption is destroying both our economy and the ecological balance of our natural world. But if we operate from a fundamental belief in Abundance, we will not bring such fear and anxiety into our marketing, and over-consumption will be a thing of the past.
Grace #7: Collaboration
This is the “antidote” to the “Deadly Sin of Competition”. Many people have a false notion that competition is necessary to create healthy economies and stronger societies. But this is largely a myth and has no foundation in Nature whatsoever. While I believe in “free enterprise”, this is not the same thing as Competition. In the book, I cite many studies that have proved how Competition diminishes creativity and innovation. When we conduct our businesses or our lives with a competitive mindset, we not only reduce our own performance, but we also reduce the support we receive from others. On the other hand, Collaboration always results in something greater than the sum of its parts. Every single marketing campaign I have produced is based on Collaboration. The permaculture of the world is actually one giant, interdependent Collaboration. We’ve been brought up in a competitive world, but the more connected we become via technologies like social media, the more we see that Collaboration is the way we perform best.
I hope you enjoyed this overview of The 7 Graces of Marketing from author Lynn Serafinn. Check out Lynn’s book The 7 Graces of Marketing here.



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Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan

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