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June 6-8th 2024

“Give Us 3 days & Leave with a Customized Plan for a Team-Managed Company That Scales Without You!”

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For 7-9 Figure CEOs & Founders Serious About Scaling



June 6-8th, 2024

“Give Us 3 days & leave with a Customized Plan for a Team-Managed Company That Scales Without You!”

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Your Business Should Give You More Choice in Life… Not Less.
Scaling your company past where you’re at now does not require more hustle. Heart, desire, drive and motivation simply won’t be enough to grow past revenue sticking points. That’s why fewer than 4% of businesses around the world ever reach the promised land of $10million, $100 million or even $1 billion in revenue. The strategies that got you to your current level of success, will not get you beyond 8 or 9 Figures. If you want exponential growth, you need Expert Advisory, Creative Strategy, and a Step-by-step plan for a Team-Managed company that doesn’t depend on you!

This is what you’ll get at Freedom CEO 3-day Virtual event.

this event is for you if you're a 7-9 figure ceo or founder who is...

Who Qualifies for ‘Freedom CEO 3-Day Virtual Event?

This unique event is Only for CEOs and Founders generating a minimum of 7-9 figures in their company. We welcome companies from all industries, with all types of products and services.

If your company falls within this revenue range, and you are ready to significantly scale your venue with more ease than you thought possible, Reserve your Virtual Seat Now to spend 3 days with hundreds of vetted, high-level CEOs and Founders from around the world.

Give Us 3-Days and Walk Away with a Step-By-Step Plan to Scale Your Company

It’s one thing to know what you need to do. It’s another to get the exact steps, customized for your company, specifically. When you have a clear, proven roadmap to follow, your team can then take it and run with it. How incredibly freeing this is! This is why thousands of CEOs come back to our events year-after-year. 



We know how busy you are. You’ve sacrificed so much for years! That will never change unless you change the way you’re working in your company. With your new Scale Plan, you will grow faster and gain at least 20 hours back every single week.


When you hit a wall, you need answers. Who do you get advice from? Tap into the experience of our team of High-Level CEO Mentors that have been there and done it. Sitting on big decisions is slowing your growth and making life harder. We have the answers. Why do this alone when you don’t have to?


Most businesses hit a ceiling in their growth and cannot get beyond this. You can stay stuck there for years. At Freedom CEO, we will determine your best scalable model that can multiply your growth, your profits and the number of people you can positively impact.

At FREEDOM CEO, we’ll help you see what you can’t, so you can build what you deserve and desire. As the CEO or Founder, you need to be FUTURE FOCUSED.

Now’s the time to become the Visionary CEO you’re meant to be and allow your team to handle the Day-To-Day. Let us show you how.

At FREEDOM CEO, we’ll help you see what you can’t, so you can build what you deserve and desire. As the CEO or Founder, you need to be FUTURE FOCUSED.

Now’s the time to become the Visionary CEO you’re meant to be and allow your team to handle the Day-To-Day. Let us show you how.

At Freedom CEO, Allison Maslan & her team of World Class CEO Mentors will work intimately with you to craft your customized Scale Blueprint.

Our Genius CEO Mentors Have…

  • Scaled multi-million-dollar companies of their own
  • Led teams of thousands of employees & contractors
  • Operated businesses domestically
  • Expanded companies internationally
  • Done mergers & acquisitions
  • Exited companies for 9+ figures
  • Taken companies Public
  • Vast experience in hundreds of diverse industries!

Pinnacle Global Network’s Proven SCALEit Method has empowered 150,000 CEOs across hundreds of industries to scale their companies for the past 14+ years.

Now It’s Your Turn.

Pinnacle Global Network’s Proven SCALEit Method has empowered 150,000 CEOs across hundreds of industries to scale their companies for the past 14+ years.

Now It’s Your Turn.

Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

A LOT of Successful CEOs/Founders get stuck at 7-8 and even 9- figures, even when they’re working non-stop and sacrificing time, health, and sanity…for years. They have a team, but they are still micromanaging, chasing one fire after another. If you don’t make a change, you will find yourself consumed with these challenges:

If you don't deliberately plan to scale your company,
you'll find yourself grappling with these challenges:

Meet your Host, Allison Maslan

My name is Allison Maslan.

I’m the CEO and Founder of Pinnacle Global Network, a company dedicated to helping successful companies Scale Their Ventures to 8-figures and beyond!

I’m blessed to be a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of the book, Scale or Fail, which has reached tens of thousands of business owners worldwide. I’ve dedicated my life to helping companies from all kinds of industries grow their ventures to 8 figures & beyond using my signature SCALEit Method.

I started building my own companies at age 19… so I know what it takes. To date, I’ve built 10 multi-million dollar ventures, and helped tens of thousands of business founders and CEOs. My client list includes giants like Ben & Jerry’s, Supercuts, Merrill Lynch, Allstate…to name a few.

And now, it’s YOUR TURN! I’ve designed this game-changing event to help you level up your business impact and income, without you working any harder. Sound impossible? It’s not.

To your Joy and Success,

Allison Maslan



CND, Co-founder, Jan Arnold is a pioneer in the world of beauty. With a career that has spanned over 40 years, Jan has become an unparalleled leader in the nail industry, specifically championing the nail professional while providing innovative quality products rooted in nail health, safety and style.

Passionately driven to progressing the professional nail category, Jan stands at the forefront, ensuring this influential spirit is infused in each aspect of the brand. Jan’s personal sense of style makes her the high-fashion face behind the brand.

When asked about the secret to her success, she attributes it to thinking big, big ideas, big impact, big passion. Her company has collaborated with the world’s top designers, including: Libertine, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, just to name a few. As a result, nails have become the ultimate fashion accessory around the world.

Jan and her team scaled up CND and then Revlon acquired the company for 600 Million. Jan remains the powerhouse spokesperson for the brand. At Freedom CEO, Jan will share the steps she and her team took to build the brand, scale the team and ultimately sell the company.

Giselle Ugarte

Minnesota-born with Tex-Mex roots, Giselle Ugarte is a Blogger turned TV and Radio Host & Producer turned Advertising Executive turned Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur.

She’s been creating and studying online video content for 15 years and is known for her content-accelerating keynotes and Action-Forward online programs designed to teach business leaders to have a healthy relationship with social media, develop unshakable confidence on video and experience explosive growth, online and especially off.

Giselle wants the world to SEE your voice and to put the human back into your personal brand.

With a collective following of more than 500,000 people and 20 million views worldwide, her work and expertise has been featured in AdWeek, The Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America, Business Insider and more, and most recently for the disruptive launch of the first-ever real estate talent and influencer bureau, the Talent Brokerage. She was also recognized by TikTok as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch. Giselle will share the newest trends in social media to help you scale your business organically.

Giselle Ugarte


Paul Epstein has spent nearly 15 years as a professional sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams where he has broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history, opened a billion-dollar stadium, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy, where he became known as the “Why Coach.”

As an award-winning keynote speaker named one of SUCCESS magazines top thought leaders that get results, Paul’s impact continues off stage providing leadership development and culture transformation programs for companies and teams including Amazon, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys—and his work has been featured on ESPN, NBC, Fox Business, and in USA Today.

He is also a 2x best-selling author of The Power of Playing Offense and Better Decisions Faster.

Paul is going to be sharing how to be the leader that you need to be to attract and scale a passionate team beyond wildest imagination.


Michael Bernoff is a results coach. Simply put, he knows how to bring out the best in people. His approach is direct and effective. Michael leaves everyone he works with in possession of cutting-edge strategies and tools that will assist them in doing the things that will bring the results they desire for their life.

Michael is a powerful, seasoned public speaker; he captivates audiences with his dynamic presentation style, energy and passion. His well-orchestrated programs energize, educate and entertain.

The foundation of all of Michael’s trainings is to equip people with tools and techniques that will improve their internal communication (get their head on straight and talk nice to themselves) and external communication (effectively communicating with those around you both personally and professionally.

It’s simple – Michael gets people to do the things they know they need to do but typically don’t. By developing skills to communicate with themselves effectively, people take action, get results and bottom line…increase their confidence.

His passion is to share his communication and transformation strategies with others. A master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Michael is known for showing people how to get results, increase their lifestyle, improve their physical health and confidence. Together we are now changing the world.



Register Today for Freedom CEO and Walk Away with:

  • Full 3 Year Strategic Vision

    You can’t get where you want to go – if you don’t know exactly where that is! At Freedom CEO, we’ll clarify and solidify the vision for the coming you’re creating.

  • Marketing & Sales Blueprint

    Cash flow is the oxygen of your business, and you need to SCALE it! That’s why we’ll support you to create the best, easiest, most lucrative Marketing & Sales Blueprint to Scale Your Cash Flow. This will protect your company long term, and give you the financial FREEDOM you desire.

  • Organizational Chart for 2024-2025

    You need a solid plan to build a team you trust, and one that gives you 3-10x returns on what you invest in them. We will Map out your Dream Team to build a team-managed company that can thrive even when you’re not there.

  • Hiring Plan for next 12 months

    Once you know who you need, we must support you with your Hiring Plan for the Year You will get ins and outs of finding, recruiting, and hiring top-notch talent that will be ‘all-in’ for your Big Vision.

  • Team-Managed Company Plan

    It’s not enough to have the right people on your team. You must have a plan to STOP micro-managing them, transition to a fully TEAM-MANAGED company! You will get the exact steps to get out of the weeds and shift to becoming the Visionary CEO of your company and build a team that handles the rest.

  • Scalable Model Integration

    What got you to your current level of success, will not get you to the next level. That’s why, at Freedom CEO, we will guide you to shift or add a new scalable model that supports exponential growth. We will help you determine what is the best scalable model for your company to expand towards to multiply your growth, reach and profits!

  • Execution Plan!

    By the end of day 3, you will be equipped with the tools and step-by-step action plan to ensure your goals become reality post-event, so you can hit the ground running and make your Big Vision Happen!

The Freedom CEO Virtual Event is a 3-day Journey to create your entire step-by-step plan to scale your 7-8 figure company to a whole new level. Each session over the 3 days builds upon itself as we create your plan.

What Attendees Have To Say...

Freedom CEO
Event Schedule

THURSDAY, June 6th

7:20am - 6:00pm (PT) / 10:20am - 9:00pm (ET)

FRIDAY, June 7th

7:20am - 5:00pm (PT) / 10:20am - 8:00pm (ET)

SATURDAY, June 8th

8:15am - 5:00pm (PT) / 11:15am - 8:00pm (ET)

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Virtual Seat Now!​

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At Freedom CEO

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Scale Your Company!

Technological advancements abound. The level of global market access via the Internet has never been better. Evolving consumer behavior, remote work trends, and increased funding opportunities give your business unprecedented access to resources, global customers, diverse talent, and funding options.

Rapid expansion, increased profitability, and long-term scale success are as accessible as ever… provided you’re in a business ecosystem that supports your efforts!

At FREEDOM CEO, you’ll immerse yourself in a comprehensive Business Ecosystem that supports you to build your dream team, explode your growth and let your business soar!


Most frequent questions and answers
June 6-8, 2024.
The event is fully virtual. Some attendees choose to book a private space or hotel room with room service for zero distraction so they can be 100% focused. You can attend from the comfort of your own home office if you choose!
This event is specifically for 7-9 Figure CEO & Founders Serious About Scaling. If you’re ready to get more of your life back, while your company scales without you…do whatever you can attend this event.
  • THURSDAY, June 6th: 7:20am – 6:00pm (PT) / 10:20am – 9:00pm (ET)
  • FRIDAY, June 7th: 7:20am – 5:00pm (PT) / 10:20am – 8:00pm (ET)
  • SATURDAY, June 8th: 8:15am – 5:00pm (PT) / 11:15am – 8:00pm (ET)

My team of world class CEO Mentors and I collaborate with you to map out your step-by-step Scale Plan for the next 12 months.

Here are just a FEW of the things you’ll walk away with:

  • Your Best Strategic Vision so you know what you’re building.
  • A ‘Hire for Growth’ Plan that ensures you scale profits, not expense.
  • Team-Managed Company Plan that gives you time off while you Scale.
  • Step-by-step execution plan so you can ensure results.
  • Custom Scalable Model integration to support exponential growth
No! This is a ‘roll up your sleeves, interactive and get to work’ event! (You will be surrounded with some of the top business experts worldwide, and we will help you leave with a customized, step-by-step plan to Scale Your Company… while working less.).