4 Marketing Tips To Connect with Customers on Valentine’s Day and other Holidays!

Marketing, in any size business, is a critical part of growing a business. Holidays can be a great way to capitalize on the fever and activity around the specialized themes and images that consumers are accustomed to seeing. Some proven strategies are branded merchandise, online advertising, and promotional concepts. If you have a visually catchy business logo, which I’m sure you do, branded merchandise marketing may be a great way to go. The following tips could help you connect with customers.

Here is a list of great branded merchandise ideas you may want to look into, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up so soon!

1. Promotional Event Prizes

One great marketing strategy is to have a promotional contest put on by your business, and advertise on your social media sites. Have a custom prize, such as a coffee mug with your logo or a pair of sunglasses with your business name on the side, advertised as the prize for the winner. This can work for any easily accessible event. You could do a “Funniest Photo” contest or a “Caption This Photo” contest with a funny picture from around your business. These are simple things that folks will be interested in competing in.

2. Create Custom Holiday Themed Packaging

Having custom packaging for your products can be a fun way to maximize exposure and capitalize on the holiday imagery. When customers see the packaging, even outside of the context of your business, they well draw a connection to you. Remember to place your logo in a prominent location on the packaging so your brand gets the best exposure. Sometimes the branded items have staying power…a cleverly designed box could become a catch all on a desk or countertop and a great reminder or your business on a daily basis.

3. Giveaways

Customized giveaways are great for promotional events, business fairs, or other events you and your business may attend. Some great ideas for this are pens, keychains and magnets. These are items that people use on a constant basis, which means your business name and/or logo will be in front of them all the time. More than 58% of consumers keep a promotional product from one year to more than four years.

4. Custom Order Additions

Give more than they expect. Under promise, over deliver. Use holidays to give added value. When your customers order a product, add a branded promotional item to the order that the customer will find useful. Gift with purchases are key loyalty creators. Also, don’t under estimate the value of a simple thank you. Have your graphic design team create a custom flyer or even a branded thank you card and add it to the order. If you give them something for free, even if it’s small, they will remember that. A heart-shaped magnet for Valentine’s Day that says we love our customers or turkey-shaped sticky note pad for Thanksgiving, with your business logo or company name, will make it even more effective around the holidays. We use WearableImaging.com for our promotional products’ support team. They help us strategize the best products at the right price to make a memorable and profitable impact on our audience!

So now you have some ideas on how to utilize custom branded merchandise to their full potential. These customized items don’t have to be expensive. If you order in bulk, which is always smart, you will get a great price on items. Your branded items will help your customers remember YOU and that is the key to all marketing. So make this Valentine’s Day one to remember for your customers!



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Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan, CEO of Pinnacle Global Network, is the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of Scale or Fail, which is endorsed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. Allison’s built 10 successful companies starting out at age 19.

Now she and her team of CEO Mentors pay it forward by helping business owners scale their companies, fast-track their success, and create a more meaningful life. Pinnacle Global Network, a world leader in scaling companies and empowering business leaders has guided thousands of CEO's and Founders to success over the past decade. Allison’s been featured in Inc., Success, Fortune, Fast Company, and Forbes Magazines, is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, and a featured expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox across the US. She is also the host and producer of The Scale or Fail Show podcast, and the Women Who Own it Podcast in partnership with WBENC, the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in North America.

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