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How do you rank as a leader?

If you have a team, you probably check in on their performance pretty regularly. But…how often do you check in on your performance?  If you’re like most business owners, the answer is: very rarely (or never). As CEOs, we’re not just the boss, but the leader. And as leaders, we’re responsible for guiding our company…

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Marketing Success in Three Words, with Dana Malstaff

If there’s one thing you need to know to succeed in modern marketing, it’s this: Community is everything. Because customers don’t just want someone to buy from, they want someone to work with. They want someone they can trust. And if they decide that’s you… They’ll be loyal to you. They’ll keep coming back to…

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Products don’t sell themselves – this does

Copywriting – or writing to sell – can make or break your sales. Because the truth is, even the most amazing products or services in the world just don’t sell themselves. So if you’re constantly sending out emails… Posting on social media all day long… Spending big on online ads… …And just not seeing results,…

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