The 11 ‘Must Have’ Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Almost everybody dreams of starting his or her own business, but very few are actually able to take that dream and turn it into a successful reality. If you already have a business or are considering starting one, check out these important traits that successful entrepreneurs must possess. Passion For Something Meaningful The business that…

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5 Tips On How To Inspire Creativity In Your Business

Creativity is one of the great gifts the universe has bestowed upon us. While the rest of the physical matter is busy bustling about in a vacuum, humans have the unique ability to shape the world around them. And in the business world, it is the act of creatively shaping or developing an idea, product,…

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How To Motivate Your Team Creatively

Businesses have greater competition than ever before. And it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of this competition, so innovation is of utmost importance. Yet, so is sticking to your vision. Apple and Starbucks are perfect examples. They have clear branding and a promise that is conveyed to their customers in everything they do. And…

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