Flip the Switch on Fear-Based Thinking

To flip the switch on fear-based thinking you must, first, identify fearful beliefs that are coming up to challenge you. Once you’ve identified these, you can practice re-framing them into something positive that will propel your life and business forward. Here are some examples of fear-based thoughts and how to re-frame them into helpful affirmations…

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Three Ways You Can Defeat Fear!

Allison’s Video Blog- Watch here…. My goal is to help people push past imaginary boundaries and defeat a powerful force that holds many of you back. It’s called Fear and it’s one of our minds’ most powerful creations. In fact, if you let it, Fear can completely take over your life and cause you to…

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Conquering Fear and Using It To Succeed

When you play chess, you can’t get stuck playing defense. If you spend every move blocking someone else from attacking you, you can stay on the board for a long time but you’ll never win. Playing defense in chess is like playing defense in business: you might be able to keep afloat for a year…

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