Improve Your Marketing… While Spending Less – with Estie Rand

Do you want to reach more leads and clients… but you don’t have a fortune to spend on marketing? Then you’ll love this week’s Allie & You interview with business consultant and coach Estie Rand, the CEO and founder of Strand Consulting and host of the Business Breakthrough Podcast. Estie is a born entrepreneur who…

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Increasing visibility and traffic – with Vivienne Wagner

Do you want to increase your website visibility and traffic – without spending a ton of money on advertising? Then make sure you check out this week’s Allie & You interview with SEO and social media whiz Vivienne Wagner, founder of Houndstooth Media Group, a fast-growing digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs build online visibility…

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How to Successfully Drive Traffic with Email Marketing

When marketing your business, your database is your gold. I talk to business owners all the time that do not realize the value of their list. My clients often ask me, “Allison, how can I build my database, and stay in touch with my clients, without bothering them or risking them unsubscribing from my list? Today…

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