What Message Are Your Clothes Sending? – with Anne Marie Dubois

As a CEO, you choose your words with care… knowing that what you say and how you say it will impact your results with clients, employees, vendors and more. But do you select your clothes as carefully? For many business owners, the answer is “no.” Sure, you strive to look professional. But you probably aren’t…

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Taking the Leap

What does flying on the trapeze have to do with scaling a business? The need to take a massive leap, of course! Far too many business owners play it small and safe, because they’re afraid to leap into the unknown. But they pay a massive price – the loss of millions (even billions) of dollars……

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Creating Your Big Picture Vision

Can you quickly and easily describe where you want your company to be 3 to 5 years from now? Chances are… no. For most entrepreneurs, defining their vision is something they’ll get to “later” – after all the fires have been put out and to-do lists are completed. (But we all know that never happens,…

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