Creating Your Personal Style – with Christine Vartanian

Your prospective clients form an impression of you – and your company’s capabilities – within 7 seconds of meeting you. That’s why it’s critical that your wardrobe accurately reflects the amazing, talented, person you really are – and why I’ve invited personal style expert Christine Vartanian, founder of Jade for All Seasons, a fashion styling company, to join me for this week’s Allie & You.

Jade for All Seasons

Christine’s styling techniques and philosophy help clients express themselves through dress up – a gift she has shared to style clients for everything from photo shoots to the Grammys.

  • Tune in to discover her advice for expressing yourself through a standout personal brand.You’ll discover:
  • The full scope of what “personal style” entails (hint: it’s not just your wardrobe)
  • Issues that women entrepreneurs often struggle with… and how personal styling helps them break through
  • The most common reason women resist building a wardrobe that reflects their personal style
  • A surprising way that personal styling can increase your business success
  • Christine’s 5-step Dream Closet Program… and how this approach makes it fast and easy to find the outfits that reflect who you really are
  • And much more

If you’re ready to transform the way you show up in your business – inwardly and outwardly – you’ll love this interview. BTW, Christine is giving away a resource that outlines the 10 mix-and-match wardrobe basics that every business owner needs. Watch the episode here for access instructions:

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Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan is the CEO of Pinnacle Global Network, The World Leader in Scaling Businesses. She is the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of, Scale or Fail, which is endorsed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank. Allison’s built 10 successful companies starting out at age 19. Her client list has included Ben & Jerry’s, Supercuts, Charlotte Russe, and Allstate.

Now she and her team of CEO Mentors pay it forward by helping business owners scale their companies, fast-track their success and create a more meaningful life. The Pinnacle Global Network, her private mentoring and mastermind enterprise has guided thousands of business owners over the past 10 years. Allison’s been featured in Inc., Success, Fortune, Fast Company and Forbes Magazines, is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a featured expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox across the US. Allison has also hosted her own podcast, The Scale or Fail Show, since 2011.

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